We are the Learning & Development arm of Scaale Group Company.

Scaale Group are growth consultants helping companies through executing innovative global strategies. We are present on 8 countries with 15 offices worldwide. We have serviced over 200 clients in last 10 years. Currently working with over 100 clients in different markets executing solutions and projects on capital, sales and talent. We have collaborated and work together with corporates, Governments and entrepreneurial ecosystem (accelerators, incubators, associations, trade offices, etc.) for innovative projects.

What We Offer

We at egnosi offer such end-to-end training & skill development solutions to help individuals and organizations improve upon the way people work & operate to produce better results. We also create better employment opportunities for aspirants by offering 'Real Time' vocational skill development platforms to be globally ready.

Over the years, we have offered our training services to all our in-house corporate clients (MNCs), companies in India from diverse sectors and institutions of repute. We specialize in offering comprehensive Soft Skills & Behavioral training programs, and Career Certificate Programs to create better career opportunities for millions of career aspirants in India.

Our Main Focus

Egnosi is a Global Training division established to develop the right blend of skills & competency in people at large, in a nation that's high on talent and potential. With over 54 % of the Indian population aged below 25, it is the right potential resources to scale new economic heights. Our country has grown in numbers, but to capitalize on the opportunities that our country has created globally, a strong educated & capable working population is required to produce quality work to sustain on the global map.

There is a huge demand for an integrated plan where people who are skilled are employed as well. Once job creation happens, skill training should focus on creating a high degree of reliability, documentation and on upgrading the capabilities of aspirants and professionals.

Today, upgradation of skills & competencies has been more than a mere need-based approach.It is the most important area due to the changing nature of business and global demands. A lot of companies and even institutions have not been able to cope up with this rapid growth in teaching and training people within the conventions.

Our country can be developed only when majority of our working population produce great work. It's time for budding professional & career aspirants to understand the necessity of change, the way they learn to make their career & performance relevant. Only then our country can be a 'Super Power' in true sense.

Talent X Relevant Skills = Strength

Our Vision


To build a skilled workforce for the overall development of a nation by creating a holistic learning and re-skilling platform.

Our Mission


To make aspirants and professionals career and employment ready, by bridging the skill and knowledge gap through unparalleled industry and career driven programs.

Our Values


We value people and believe that a nation or a company is built on the basis of people embraced with the right skills at the right time. Our constant effort will be in the direction of enriching lives of people and make them globally recognized professionals.

"85% of your financial success is due to your personality And ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge"

- Carnegie Institute of Technology